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The Alliance

The Alliance for Better Long Term Care

The Alliance promotes the quality of life and care of residents of nursing homes and other long-term care institutions. The Alliance provides information and support to family members and residents. In addition, this grassroots agency works to support a more caring industry and to educate health care providers and staff as well as society to be more sensitive and compassionate to nursing home residents.
The Alliance for Better Long Term Care is respected by families and nursing home residents, government and nursing home staff. The Alliance can make a difference in your life and mine.

Serving Rhode Island’s Nursing Home Residents and Their Families…Serving You and Me.
The Alliance is a nonprofit organization operated by a professional staff and volunteer community Board of Directors. Contributions and memberships from individuals, foundations, corporations and government enable the Alliance to serve the elderly and the community.

Helping patients and their families.

Every day the Alliance helps people make decisions about nursing home placement and alternative care. We inform you about the resources available. We help you select the appropriate nursing home for your loved one.
Adjusting to a nursing home is difficult for both patient and family. The Alliance helps in this transition. We also provide mediation services to help negotiate issues between you and the nursing home.

Nursing home use has almost doubled since the 1966 introduction of Medicare and Medicaid.

Improving the quality of nursing home life.

We have to think of nursing homes in terms of a residence. The patients do. They tell us of their desire for personal autonomy. The Alliance works with nursing home staff and residents themselves to make the environment better, respectful of personal dignity and human choice.
Nursing homes are responsible for providing quality care an adhering to the “Patients Bill of Rights.” The Alliance works with the nursing home industry by providing technical assistance and support to help ensure quality care.

Influencing public policy.

The Alliance works to influence changes in the system. Laws and regulations must protect nursing home residents and must provide guidance and support to the industry.
The Alliance’s record of concern and accomplishments in public policy has earned it a place on the major state commissions addressing these issues. There, the Alliance helps to build a sense of community among the diverse players in order to bring about change beneficial to residents of long term care facilities.

Building an informed community.

Educating the general public about the important and often complex issues in nursing home care is a major goal of the Alliance.
Publications, workshops and special programs provide information and training for the community. Alliance staff also provides technical assistance and telephone referral on an as needed basis.

Nearly fifty percent of the nursing home residents do not receive any visits from family or friends. They feel alone. Isolated. Powerless.

Services of the Alliance for Better Long Term Care
Helpline providing information and referral to families, friends and nursing home residents.

Advocacy ensuring that proper legislation and regulations represent the needs of consumers and of long-term care facilities.

Community Programs featuring speakers and roundtable sessions about medication, Alzheimer’s disease, insurance opportunities and other topics.

Mediation Services negotiating problems between families, facilities and nursing home residents.

Outreach Services visiting long-term facilities to help identify and resolve problems.

Technical Assistance offering workshops and training for nursing-home staff and residents councils.

Publications providing regular information about patients’ rights, pending legislation and other issues in the long-term care field.

serving on public policy commissions and ensuring that the nursing home residents’ voice is heard.

Building Bridges creating relationships between youngsters and the elderly by taking children into nursing homes for regular visits and activities.

The Graying of America:

How can we protect our elderly?

We can’t change the reality that America is getting older. It’s a fact that almost 50% of Americans over 65 years of age will spend some time in a nursing home… that means you or me.
What happens when we get to that age? How will our family know which nursing home to choose?

How will we feel about living there?

We will lose control over our own decisions. It’s a fact that suddenly someone else will control when and what we eat, when we bathe, and so much more. It is likely that we may lose our sense of personal dignity and self worth.
What happens if there are problems in the home? Where do we turn? How can our family help?
We can’t change the fact that America is getting older. Many of us will, indeed, spend some years in a nursing home.
But we can work to ensure that the quality of care is the best possible. We can strive to maintain individual rights and autonomy.