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What does an Ombudsman Do? Program Statistics and Brochures

What does an Ombudsman do?

Ombudsman means citizen representative. A long term care ombudsman is an advocate who want to improve the quality of life and health care for individuals receiving long term care. Trained and certified by the Alliance, an ombudsman makes regular visits with residents of nursing homes, assisted living residences, and those receiving licensed home health care or hospice services. Ombudsman help identify and resolve issues before they become serious concerns for consumers and families as well as staff from long term care facilities and /or home care agencies. Nursing home ombudsmen serve residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the following ways: Some ombudsmen are trained, certified volunteers who visit long term care residences to check on problems.

• Mediation - to assist long term care residents and consumers, family members and staff; to resolve
   conflicts and issues.

• Advocacy - to educate long term care residents and consumers of their rights; to make decisions on
   their own behalf, and to live with dignity and respect in an environment which supports the highest
   possible quality of life.

• Problem-solving - to provide recommendations, expertise and an objective view of issues and policies
   which may be affecting residents’ and consumers’ well being.

• Follow-up - to verify that the identified problems have been promptly and effectively addressed by the
   facility or health care agency.

Who does this program help?

   Residents of nursing homes
   Residents of assisted living residences
   Persons receiving hospice or licensed home care
   Families, caregivers, or responsible parties of any person receiving services listed above

Who can make a complaint?

   Any resident of a nursing home or assisted living residence
   Any patient receiving licensed home care or hospice services
   Individuals acting on their behalf
   Organizations or government agencies
   Concerned citizens

What kind of complaints can be filed?

You may make a complaint if you believe that any facility, government agency, organization, or individual has violated law or regulations that may have an adverse effect upon the safety, health, welfare, or quality of life of a resident of a long term care facility or a recipient of licensed home care or hospice care.

Across Rhode Island certified ombudsmen serve residents, their families and friends. Professional staff  supervise the volunteers.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer Ombudsman:
Call 401-785-3340 ask for Deborah Burton or email:


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