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Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facility Best Practices

Nursing home and assisted living facility best practices
When the focus of a nursing home is on the resident, the nursing home is a better place to live and to work. It becomes the facility of choice as well as the employer of choice.

Quality initiative - Resident-centered care
The nursing home industry, regulatory agencies and advocates want to make nursing homes a good place to live and work. Creating resident-centered care environments is one means of accomplishing these two goals. Sharing best practices is another means.

Through the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program's Quality Initiative Program, state-specific and national examples will be collected and distributed to nursing homes across the state.

The Rhode Island Department of Aging and Disability Services Ombudsman Program, is working with the nursing home industry, regulatory, membership and advocacy groups to promote the use of resident centered practices that will positively impact the quality of life for the state's nursing home residents.

RI Health Care Association

RI Dept. of Aging & Disability

The Ombudsman Program hopes to demonstrate through the Quality Initiative how care can be improved, resident satisfaction levels increased and how direct care staff will be more satisfied with their jobs, which will reduce turnover among this critical segment of health care.

RI Assisted Living Association

Leading Age RI (formerly RIAFSA)

To learn more:

State Long-Term Care Ombudsman  
401-785-3340 or 1-888-351-0808

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